Hair Style Trends for Spring 2016


What are the hottest shades this season? The sexiest hues and tinges for the long-awaited cocktail party? There is something thrilling about a new year, which makes us want to toss away our mundane hairstyles and go for the hottest new trends. We bring to you the Hair Style Trends of 2016.

Hairdressing Wellington Tips

This season is all about going back in the past and embracing your natural hair texture. The fringes and locks are all Back with a bang!
• Celebrate your individualism

That’s probably what the hottest trend of 2016 is going to be known for. The tresses and the curls are the moods of the mass. The fringes and the locks are all on the streets, ready to soak up on some sun. Say bye-bye to all the wannabe hair products, since nothing can match that light wave!

• Go in for hair extension

Go your own highway with dreadlocks and hair extensions. Treat the gypsy inside you and go for single or multiple extensions. That raw, wild soul of yours will stir deliciously in the warm breeze that rustled through your hair.

• “Fashion is comfort”

Now if that is not the best definition of fashion, we don’t know what is. Want to go shopping in the easy, comfortable, messy bun? Well, do! In this trend of individuality, that bun is the dark-knight. Give your hair a twist and you will be the beacon of elegance and class at any function.

• Accessorize

Be it a tiara or a single earring dangling from the sides, accessories are the sweet attractions this season. It gives you the chic look and diverts attention from the fact that you partied till early morning. Grab those golden pins and attach them to your updo to give yourself a ravishing look.

The bride-to-be can always weave a golden lock of add-ons with the braid and perk up the traditional wedding look. And why not use golden ribbons of rubber bands? Now, there’s something interesting!

– Use black bangs or blonde ones; they are the perfect accessory to your formal pant-suit. Just try them on for a single party and see if the gel in with your look. This is more about selecting your own path and finding out your individuality. The bangs from the past are here again to make us nostalgic and experimental. A side bang can work wonders too.

– Braid’em or bind’em. This is the functional, more daily facet of this year’s fashion trend. Use and chocker or a silk ribbon and tie up all your hair by the sides. Or just braid them and wrap them around into a bun. This adds a delicate texture to your whole look.

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