JAM Hair – Wellington’s Leading Hair Salon for Innovative Style and Creative Cuts


JAM Hair is one of Wellington’s most popular hair salons. It was first opened in 1988 by Tony Barrett. Tony worked in the hairdressing industry for many years before opening his own salon door to the public. Through JAM Hair, Tony and his stylists can bring out their clients’ individuality and showcase innovative hair designs. Over the years, JAM Hair has continuously been voted as best hair salon in Wellington between 2009 and 2012.

The main objective at JAM Hair is to maintain healthy hair through expert cuts, careful colour application and top quality hair care products. If you are looking for an excellent hair styling service in Wellington, make JAM Hair top of your list.

At JAM hair, multiple hair services are offered to ensure your hair is well taken care of and expertly maintained. Individual style is always taken into consideration and can be enhanced with colour treatments and cuts that suit your face. Services offered include:

Cuts & styling

  • Cuts for women, men, students and children
  • Blow waves and express blow waves
  • Hair straightening
  • Hair up styling
  • Wedding and special event styling
  • Waves
  • Perms

Colour packages

  • Colour packages for full, half and quarter head of foils
  • Semi-permanent colour
  • Lightening and tone colour packages
  • Global colour package

Technical treatments

Besides styling and colour packages, JAM Hair also provides technical treatment services including keratin straightening.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are also available at JAM Hair where strictly high quality AAA human hair extensions are employed. Hair extensions can be for full or partial head cover and cut to blend.


JAM Hair in Wellington also prides itself for providing innovative dreadlocks. Choose from new dread sets, re-dreading, band and wax dreadlocks. You can receive a free dreadlock consultation. Visit Jam Hair for creative inspiration.

You can book an appointment online by logging on to the website. Or call to speak with one of our top hair stylists in Wellington.


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