Hair Style Trends for Spring 2016


What are the hottest shades this season? The sexiest hues and tinges for the long-awaited cocktail party? There is something thrilling about a new year, which makes us want to toss away our mundane hairstyles and go for the hottest new trends. We bring to you the Hair Style Trends of 2016.

Hairdressing Wellington Tips

This season is all about going back in the past and embracing your natural hair texture. The fringes and locks are all Back with a bang!
• Celebrate your individualism

That’s probably what the hottest trend of 2016 is going to be known for. The tresses and the curls are the moods of the mass. The fringes and the locks are all on the streets, ready to soak up on some sun. Say bye-bye to all the wannabe hair products, since nothing can match that light wave!

• Go in for hair extension

Go your own highway with dreadlocks and hair extensions. Treat the gypsy inside you and go for single or multiple extensions. That raw, wild soul of yours will stir deliciously in the warm breeze that rustled through your hair.

• “Fashion is comfort”

Now if that is not the best definition of fashion, we don’t know what is. Want to go shopping in the easy, comfortable, messy bun? Well, do! In this trend of individuality, that bun is the dark-knight. Give your hair a twist and you will be the beacon of elegance and class at any function.

• Accessorize

Be it a tiara or a single earring dangling from the sides, accessories are the sweet attractions this season. It gives you the chic look and diverts attention from the fact that you partied till early morning. Grab those golden pins and attach them to your updo to give yourself a ravishing look.

The bride-to-be can always weave a golden lock of add-ons with the braid and perk up the traditional wedding look. And why not use golden ribbons of rubber bands? Now, there’s something interesting!

– Use black bangs or blonde ones; they are the perfect accessory to your formal pant-suit. Just try them on for a single party and see if the gel in with your look. This is more about selecting your own path and finding out your individuality. The bangs from the past are here again to make us nostalgic and experimental. A side bang can work wonders too.

– Braid’em or bind’em. This is the functional, more daily facet of this year’s fashion trend. Use and chocker or a silk ribbon and tie up all your hair by the sides. Or just braid them and wrap them around into a bun. This adds a delicate texture to your whole look.

Hair cuts Wellington can be quite easy if you have the right experts with you. You can find all these, and more at Jam Hair Co. winner of the best salon for four consecutive years, this salon has it all. Experiment with your hair and glam up your life by visiting this fashionable salon and have an award winning hair designer in Wellington, New Zealand. They have your best interests at heart. Visit for more information.


Sought-after Styling for Straight and Curly Hair


Do you have curly hair? Are you looking for a salon that has your hair interests at heart? Jam Hair is a hair salon in Wellington opened by Tony Barrett in 1988. Tony opened his own salon after extensive experience working in leading salons in Wellington so that he could fully explore his individuality and creativity. Backed by close attention to detail and natural flair, Tony’s talent in hairdressing has been acknowledged by the many cups and awards he has won. In fact his nickname is “golden boy”.

Jam Hair is renowned for high quality hair dressing and creative hairstyles. Whether you want a drastic change to your straight hair or simply want to trim your curly hair – the professionals at Jam Hair know how to treat your hair to the best hairdressing experience. After all, Jam Hair has been voted the best hairdressing salon in Wellington in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

One of the many services offered by Jam Hair Salon is hair styling. Their styling services include haircuts, blow waves and hair straightening for women, men, children and students. Hair colour packages include full head and half head of foils; global colour; lightening and toning. Semi-permanent and colour removal is also offered.

Apart from hair styling and cuts, the stylists at Jam Hair also offer perm packages for all hair lengths. If you want to have your hair straightened or relaxed, you can also have it done at the salon. The straightening and relaxing package ranges from $150 to $500 whilst hair treatments range between $20 and $500 – depending which treatment you choose. For example the keratin straightening for medium hair is $400 while the Davines straightening is just $20.

Jam Hair also offers hair extensions and dreadlocks. Whether you want a full head or partial head of human hair extensions, the professionals will see to it that you get the best treatment. Single extensions are also offered. If you need dreadlock maintenance or crocheting, the experts understand exactly how to create the look you want.

At Jam Hair the hairdressing experts have over thirty years’ experience offering sought after hairdressing services. Every client is treated to healthy hair applications and quality hair products. Advice is also given on how to manage your hair and which products best suit your hair.

Take advantage of Jam Hair’s high quality hair services and get your hair makeover booked soon. Book your hair appointment at Jam Hair is a salon for anyone who dares to have a new and different hair experience.

3 Reasons to Book Your Appointment With Jam Hair Now

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Established in 1988, Jam Hair has been offering Wellington men and women professional hair care services. Jam Hair is proud to provide the most creative hair cutting and hair styling services Wellington has seen.

The beginning of Jam Hair

Tony, the owner of this reputable Wellington hair salon, is well known in the area thanks to his outstanding hairdressing talent. Tony has won numerous awards over the years including best hairdressing salon in Wellington in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. It all started with Tony’s strong desire to better express his individuality through his hair style and to help men and women enjoy a haircut they have always dreamed of.

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience in hair styling and innovative hair design, Tony and his team are continuously setting new standards in the hair dressing industry. If you care about your hair, check out the hairdressing services offered by Wellington salon

This famous hair salon in Wellington offers several services including cuts and blow waves, hair ups, global colour, semi-permanent, full highlights, ammonia free colour, short and long waves, keratin straightening, hair extensions and dreadlocks. Every service is specially designed to cater to your individual hair requirements. And there is no end to the creativity of the stylists at Jam Hair.

Book your appointment with Jam Hair for these 3 reasons…

When looking for the right hairstylist for you, there is certain criteria you need to take into consideration. Here are 3 reasons why Jam Hair is the best choice for you:

1. 30 years’ experience

With over 30 years’ experience in the cut-throat hair dressing industry, Jam Hair is one of the most professional and award winning hairdressing salons in Wellington. You can confidently entrust your hair to the hair stylists at Jam Hair, whether you know what style you want or not.

2. Strong word-of-mouth reputation

Clients flaunt their new cut, hair extension or keratin treatments received from Jam Hair. Thousands of men, women, students and children who have received a treatment from Jam Hair refer their friends. This is why Jam Hair enjoys a strong word-of-mouth reputation.

3. Luxurious environment

Jam Hair is proud to provide the highest standards of luxury and comfort. You will be greeted by friendly, approachable staff who are committed to making you look and feel your very best. You won’t regret it when you update your hair with a new look from Wellington’s most popular salon, Jam Hair.

JAM Hair – Wellington’s Leading Hair Salon for Innovative Style and Creative Cuts


JAM Hair is one of Wellington’s most popular hair salons. It was first opened in 1988 by Tony Barrett. Tony worked in the hairdressing industry for many years before opening his own salon door to the public. Through JAM Hair, Tony and his stylists can bring out their clients’ individuality and showcase innovative hair designs. Over the years, JAM Hair has continuously been voted as best hair salon in Wellington between 2009 and 2012.

The main objective at JAM Hair is to maintain healthy hair through expert cuts, careful colour application and top quality hair care products. If you are looking for an excellent hair styling service in Wellington, make JAM Hair top of your list.

At JAM hair, multiple hair services are offered to ensure your hair is well taken care of and expertly maintained. Individual style is always taken into consideration and can be enhanced with colour treatments and cuts that suit your face. Services offered include:

Cuts & styling

  • Cuts for women, men, students and children
  • Blow waves and express blow waves
  • Hair straightening
  • Hair up styling
  • Wedding and special event styling
  • Waves
  • Perms

Colour packages

  • Colour packages for full, half and quarter head of foils
  • Semi-permanent colour
  • Lightening and tone colour packages
  • Global colour package

Technical treatments

Besides styling and colour packages, JAM Hair also provides technical treatment services including keratin straightening.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are also available at JAM Hair where strictly high quality AAA human hair extensions are employed. Hair extensions can be for full or partial head cover and cut to blend.


JAM Hair in Wellington also prides itself for providing innovative dreadlocks. Choose from new dread sets, re-dreading, band and wax dreadlocks. You can receive a free dreadlock consultation. Visit Jam Hair for creative inspiration.

You can book an appointment online by logging on to the website. Or call to speak with one of our top hair stylists in Wellington.

5 Trending Hairstyles in Wellington


A well-chosen hairstyle can radically enhance your appearance by highlighting your most attractive facial features. If you have been procrastinating, now is the best time for a change. Gain inspiration from these 5 hairstyles that are popular in Wellington at the moment:

1. Retro waves

The retro/vintage waves that were incredibly popular back in 1930s are making a comeback in Wellington. Why? Because they are timeless, shiny and very easy to create. All you need are a few hot rollers, a 1.5-inch curling iron and a gentle brush. Before trying this look, ensure you book regular hair cuts to remove split ends and promote the health of your hair.

2. Heavy side-swept fringe

A fringe is a clever way to gain extra volume in your hair and also draws attention to your cheekbones. To achieve a heavy side-swept fringe, seek out a professional hair salon in Wellington. Ask for a shoulder-length cut with a heavy fringe that you intend to wear swept to the side. Remember to specify which side you will wear your fringe on so it can be cut to your preferred side.

3. Cornrows

Cornrows used to be extremely popular back in the 1990ss, then they faded for a few years. Only now are they making an exciting comeback! You do not need to be an alternative musician to pull this hairstyle off. This is one of the chicest and easiest hairstyles you can request and it works perfectly for medium and longer hair lengths.

4. Faux undercut

Another very popular hairstyle in Wellington at the moment is the faux undercut. Rihanna and Pink are two celebrities to make the faux undercut so sought-after today. If you are feeling bold and daring this year, then you should definitely give it a try. Remember you can do a lot with the upper part of the cut – turning it into cornrows or braiding it.

5. Retro bob with back combing

This is a very fresh-looking and feminine hairstyle that is perfect for women with short hair. Also referred to as the ‘short Japanese haircut’ this retro bob with back combing is basically an asymmetrical bob that forms a very attractive contrast when blow-dried with a round brush.

All these hairstyles are very popular. The most important thing is to ensure you choose the right cut for your face shape, personality and overall style. If you are not sure which one best compliments your features, then you can always count on the professional hairstylists in Wellington from Jam Hair to give you some useful tips. Today is the day to showcase a fresh hair style. More details on hair services and pricing can be found online at

Introducing Jam Hair – Award Winning Wellington Hair Salon


Since 1988 Jam Hair has been offering professional and high-quality hair design, hair colouring and hair treatments for customers in the Wellington region. Jam Hair is a sought-after hair salon offering a full range of services for women, men and children.

The popular hair styling services at Jam Hair include cuts, colours, blow waves and hair straightening services. Skilled hairstylists offer a personalised service for you taking into account your style and facial features. All the styling services provided by Jam Hair are tailored to meet your lifestyle. And if you are going to a special event Jam Hair can create a fabulous look just for you.

Professional hair colouring services in Wellington

If you have decided that it is time to change your look by switching to another colour – then look no further than Jam Hair. You can choose from a variety of high-end hair colouring services including:

Ammonia-free hair colours have just as much intensity as regular colour but are much kinder to your hair.

Salon hair treatments

The stylists at Jam Hair specialise not only in high-quality styling, cutting and colouring services – but also in high-quality hair treatments. At Jam Hair you can get keratin straightening services for short, medium and long hair. A selection of Davines hair treatments, including the Davines Rest protein treatment, will revive your hair and help it regain its natural shine quickly.

Book your appointment today

If you have decided to pamper your hair with a specialist hair treatment or if you want to look your best for your next big event, then contact Jam Hair today. You can book an appointment with one of the hairstylists or gain new inspiration for your next hairstyle.